Science Camps for Saskatchewan Indigenous Youth

What We Do

Indigenous peoples have been monitoring water for hundreds of years. The camps will continue this by using portable real-time water-quality testing kits to teach youth how to analyse the water in their local lakes.

Coding has emerged as an educational priority at all educational levels. The camps aim to encourage youth in fields related to information science and technology.

Indigenous education experts will help shape the camp’s program. The camps will use a Two-eyed Seeing approach to weave Indigenous Traditional Knowledge into the western content.

Registration for the 2023 Summer Camp is now open!

This year, the First Nations University of Canada, Indigenous People’s Health Research Centre, File Hills Qu’Appelle Tribal Council, and the University of Regina will be running 2 day science camps for Saskatchewan Indigenous youth in Prince Albert, Fort Qu’Appelle, and Regina!

We want Indigenous youth to understand, feel pride, and carry on the practices that Indigenous peoples have, for generations, been using and applying scientific knowledge through, for example, their stewardship of natural resources.